Snow Canyon is a Utah State Park and a popular recreation spot NW of St. George. Many people hike and play there but most are not aware of the great rock art in the park backcountry. I know of 5 sites where you can see ancient Native American rock art.

The Campground
The images shown below are from a panel on the edge of the campground, on the sandstone cliff adjacent to the last camping spot. It is easy to find. The images are old and faded, many covered with patina, but well worth seeing.


The Crack
The images shown below are from a panel in a narrow slot in a canyon on the east side of the park, just SW of The Ledges golf course and development. A parking area and corridor that provides access to the park can be found at the end 4200 N Street (a St George city street just south of The Ledges). From that parking area, hike west into the park and then follow a trail that appears and disappears at times, working your way down into the canyon. Wander a bit and you will find the slot. It is a fun family hike. Many of the images are faded and difficult to see, but well worth hunting down.


Main Slot
Above that crack, the main canyon narrows and there is a dryfall. Above it, in a deep slot, there are many interesting rock art images.


Top of Canyon
Near the top of that same canyon there is a dark panel with perhaps the best images in Snow Canyon.


The Ledges
Some call this panel "Newspaper Rock." It is just north of the canyon mentioned above and is a prominent boulder with extensive rock art figures on its north side. It is located due west from The Ledges and it is up on top of the ridge, not down in the canyon. The best access comes from using the corridor described above.