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This site is owned and opereated by Dave Webb, with plenty of help from friends and associates. UtahWebStuff.com has helped with site development.

We are lifelong outdoorsmen and women, working in professions related to communications.

The site contains magazine-style articles and photos acquired as we've participated in various projects over the years. The material comes from a variety of writers and photographers. Some of it was originally published in the old Utah Fishing magazine, Utah Outdoors magazine, or in projects developed by Amazing Outdoors.

Many of the articles have enduring value and enthusiasts have often encouraged us to make them available to the public. We now have a little time to devote to the site and will build it into a great resource.

We will all write new articles occasionally and publish them here. We will also acquire new material for other writers. If you would like to contribute articles or photos please contact us.

most all of the material here is copyrighted. Please do not republish it without written permission.

Thanks for your interest.
- Dave

Reader Comment

Just ran across your website and wanted to thank you for the "old" Utah Fishing & Outdoors magazine. Over the years I have suscribed to all the big name outdoor magazines. I learned more about how and where to fish by reading yours than all the others put together.

I still have copies going back to '95 when I started subscribing, that I use as reference material. I kept up the subscription until about 2001. By then, I believe, you had left and the magazine became slicker and maybe more for the masses.

Thanks for introducing me to rivers & streams within Utah along with great scenery that I would have never known about without Utah Fishing & Outdoors.

I live in Phoenix now, but my heart is still along the small remote streams of the Uintas and the Manti LaSal forests.

Sincerely, Stuart O