As a fisherman, I've gone through distinct phases:

  • I want to catch a fish... any fish
  • I want to catch lots of fish
  • I want to catch big fish
  • Now, I enjoy helping others learn to fish

I believe outdoor recreational activities are beneficial, particularly to young people. I'm rebuilding and improving this website to provide good how-to and where-to information. While I do that you can see my old-style pages here:

Fishing | Camping | Hiking | Photography | Rock Art & Ruins | Waterfalls

- Dave Webb

What's New Here:

  • Learn To Catch Walleye at the 2017 Walleye Fishing Seminar

    If you want to learn about walleye, where they live and how to catch them, you won't want to miss the 2017 Walleye Fishing Seminar sponsored by the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources and Rocky Mountain Anglers. I have atte...
  • How To Catch Burbot Through The Ice At Flaming Gorge

    A reader wrote asking for tips on fishing for burbot at Flaming Gorge during wnter, and also whether anyone guides for them. We do not know of any ice fishing guides that work The Gorge. If you know of a good one, let us know...
  • Featuring LC Brooks - A.K.A Dr. Sebago

    L.C. Brooks is a friend who is an avid fisherman and who has written articles for this website. He was recently featured in ODU Magazine under this headline: A new tool for the lake trolling tool box When the ice is off, you...
  • Utah Ice Fishing Guides

    We were recently asked if we know of guides that take people ice fishing. We are aware of these. For some Salt Lake/Park City area waters: For Rockport Reservoir, which is fai...
  • Hot Ice Fishing At Mantua And Other Spots

    Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources has realeased its latest fishing reports, with this introduction: The fishing at Mantua is hot, and the ice is five inches thick. Here's the latest fishing report for the rest of the nort...
  • Deep Snow Prompts Biologists To Expand Program To Feed Deer

    Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this news report. Biologists from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and volunteers from the Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlif...