Ultimate Camping Equipment

With the new millennium, new opportunities await for Utah's camping enthusiasts. Camping gear is now warmer, more comfortable and more durable than ever. Through the latest technological advances, new outdoor recreational opportunities have developed, allowing more individuals to enjoy our scenic outdoors. Comforts similar to those we enjoy at home can now be experienced at the campsite – roughing it has never been easier.


For those who want to bring along a source of electrical power without a noisy generator, Intermountain Solar is offering portable power systems that charge silently during the day and light your camp by night. With one charging, even their smallest units can light a trailer for seven nights, using high efficiency lighting. A built in inverter also powers 120-volt radios, televisions or appliances. Packaged in a convenient cooler box, the safety-sealed deep-cycle batteries offer a great alternative for campers who want to listen to the campfire and crickets before retiring. For more information, browse their complete power packages at www.intermountainsolar.com


Coleman is about to release a new line of durable inflatable camp furniture, including a sleeper sofa and chair. An excellent alternative to stumps and rocks, this line of rugged furniture is built from the same thick grade of PVC, used for inflatable boats. Items can be inflated in less than three minutes using the new Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump. Furniture can also be deflated in less than two minutes, using the same pump. Used as a sofa by day, it doubles as a luxurious bed by night, keeping you off the cold, rocky ground. Priced between $60 and $80, camping has never been more comfortable and more like home.


For those late night nature calls or times when animals wander into camp, Coleman has also introduced a portable remote-controlled fluorescent lantern. Powered by eight D-cell batteries, the brightness of this lantern can be adjusted using a handy remote controls from up to 50 feet away. On its night light setting, this lantern can operate continuously for more than 100 hours and offers additional security for younger campers, fearful of the dark. Convenience of the remote control minimizes fumbling in the dark and allows the lantern to be placed where the entire campsite can be lit. Priced at $34.99, these units are great for family camping. Coleman's web site can be found at www.coleman.com


Camp Chef is sporting their Professional Series double burner cooker, featuring two all-purpose 30,000 BTU/hour burners and a windscreen that holds in heat and protects the flames in breezy conditions. New side shelves offer a convenient preparation area and fold to serve as a portable lid. Built with Camp Chef's famous sturdy folding leg design, this unit weighs less than 50 pounds and offers hot food in minutes to hungry outdoor enthusiasts. This unit offers additional accessories, including griddles, a barbecue box, a wok ring and a 34-quart pot with basket for deep frying that turkey or cooking crawdads at Flaming Gorge.

Dutch Ovens

Cooking has never been better for Dutch oven enthusiasts, since Camp Chef has released the Ultimate Dutch Oven. Nicknamed the "outdoor microwave," this patented 9.5-quart pot is available in both iron and cast aluminum and comes with two racks for a greater variety of cooking applications. Its design allows your campfire culinary artist to prepare a roast, complete with vegetables and sauce, in less than 30 minutes. Designed to work effectively with Camp Chef's universal output pro-pane burner, it can also be used with traditional Dutch oven cooking methods – like charcoal. The lid doubles as a deep-dish skillet for frying pancakes or scones. Check out their web site at www.campchef.com/cc/home.html


GSI Outdoors offers numerous Lexan utensils and glassware to enhance your outdoor eating experience. Lexan is a durable plastic, designed to be almost indestructible and offers an elegant gourmet touch to outdoor dining. Some of their more popular items include their wine glasses, flasks and cutlery. In addition, they also offer a wide variety of enamelware, lightweight Dutch ovens, stainless steel thermos bottles and more. Their developing web site can be found at www.gsioutdoors.com

Night Vision

ITT Industries offers a wide selection of night vision products and accessories to extend your outdoor adventures beyond the twilight hours. More effective than a flashlight, night vision allows users to see well beyond the limited range of a flashlight beam. Generation 3 technology improves visibility significantly more than earlier generation models on the market today. Used for night fishing, setting up camp, security, wildlife viewing or photography, ITT provides a wide range of tools to improve your vision after dark. Night hikes have never been safer, offering a new world for exploration. For more information, check out their web site at www.ittnightvision.com

Hot Showers

Hot showers are no longer a luxury with Zodi's new hot water heating system. Built from rugged stainless steel, these water heaters produce hot water in less than a minute. Using one 16-ounce propane tank, a heater can produce 100-degree water for up to 45 showers lasting five minutes each. Bulk tanks can provide up 80 hours of hot water. In addition to the propane water heaters, another product heats water using only your campfire. New items also include a safely vented heating system for your tent or camper, taking away the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information check out their web site at www.zodi.com

Other Products

Other new products on the market include more cozy sleeping bags, smaller and smarter GPS receivers, higher performance fabrics to keep you warmer and drier and better multi-tools. New items are appearing daily, which makes it a very exciting time to enjoy camping and outdoor recreation. Visit your local outdoor retailer for other unique items arriving this season.