A reader just sent in this question:
"I was just on your website trying to plan a fishing trip to Boulder Mountain. I just moved to Tropic and my Dad and I want to do some serious fishing this summer. If I could afford a guided trip I would, but as I stand now, have no way of doing so. So i was wondering if you could give me a few pointers to get me started. We want to go to a a few more remote lakes up there, but aren't sure which would be worth our time. We obviously would prefer to catch big fish, but anywhere that can give us some action will do. Hiking distance is not an issue and we have 4x4s also, so anywhere we can get to, we want to try. Also, we are not really into fly fishing, though i wish we were, ive done it a few times and had a blast but have never found the time to teach myself. That being said, I talked to a guy up North that said fishing with a spinner fly, or a jig would work just as good. Is that true, or is this all just a lost cause? Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to hear from you soon!"
Here's our projections for Boulder early this season:
Spinners and jigs work very well in the lakes on Boulder Mountain – sometimes they are easier to use and more successful than flies.
The mountain is very rough – some roads can be difficult even when you are in a high clearance 4X4. Road conditions change from year to year. Probably, all lakes on the mountain will be accessible in early June this year.
Everyone asks where to find the big fish. In general, if a lake has fast fishing it does not have big fish. In lakes with fewer fish, there is not as much competition and so fish grow larger. But that means you have to be willing to work hard to catch fish.
Blind Lake is the biggest lake on the mountain and it probably has the biggest fish. You have to hike a short ways to reach it, but the lake still gets considerable pressure.
The fish populations vary from year to year. Your best bet is to choose an area where there are several lakes. Drive in and make a base camp and then explore. Also, talk to the locals to get current information. I don’t get to all of the lakes every year and so my info is old.
In past years, the Round, Donkey and Solitaire combination has been good. So has the Blind, Fish Creek, Pear and Honeymoon. Nearby, a small lake named Beaver Dam has often held nice fish.
Let me know how you do. If we share information we will all enjoy better fishing.
- Dave Webb