Update 4-24-17

The Soldier Creek side of Strawberry Reservoir is mostly ice free and boat fishing is possible. The Soldier Creek ramp is open.

On the Strawberry side, all bays have extensive open water but boat ramps are not yet open there.

Posted 4-16-17

Some of the best fishing of the year often happens at Strawberry as the ice comes off the reservoir. That will happen during the next couple weeks. Already, there is fishable open water in front of the Ladders. Open water areas are expanding at the back of Mud Creek and other similar spots. By next weekend there should be quite a bit of fishable water. By May 1 the ice may be totally gone from the reservoir.

See our detailed articles about fishing Strawberry.

As ice pulls back, trout often cruise or hold at the edge of the ice sheet. Anglers that work flies or lures in that area often have good results. Some try to cast up onto the ice and then hop the fly or lure off the edge, letting it fall straight down into the water.

It is easier to do that kind of fishing if you can get out in a tube or pontoon boat. Launch ramps will not be open so it will be difficult launching larger boats.

Shore fishing can also be good in newly open water. Fish are hungry and often cruise near shore. People casting from shore can use a fan cast strategy to work as much water as possible, including water right close to the bank. Cast parallel to the bank and then work flies/lures in water just deep enough that you don't snag up.

Fish can be anywhere this time of year. As water warms, they move deeper to find optimum temperatures. But right now you my find them anywhere.

It is definitely worth a trip.