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DWR biologists and volunteers survey walleye at Starvation Reservoir this summer.

Wildlife biologists are recommending anglers keep fish at two Utah reservoirs, to help improve each overall fishing in each water.

Fish sampling studies have found too many small walleye at Starvation and that is putting pressure on forage fish.

Red Fleet was recently treated and is rebuilding. Yellow perch are a primary forage fish there and the reservoir has been stocked with walleye, wipers, largemouth bass, tiger trout, brown trout and rainbows. All species are doing well and provide good action. However, many perch are too big for the new predators to eat and so biologists are asking anglers to help remove them from the system.

Here are quotes from the DWR Northeastern Region fishing report:

Starvation Reservoir

Biologists are encouraging anglers to harvest their limits of 10- to 14-inch walleye to thin out the walleye population and to help out the yellow perch population.

Two-hundred and fifty crappie were moved by DWR biologists from Pineview and stocked into Starvation to establish a new population of forage fish. If you catch crappie, consider voluntarily releasing them so the population can become established.

Walleye and kokanee fishing has continued to be great! Try trolling a pink mini squid with a very silver dodger scented with garlic for best results. This is the time walleye stock up for the winter months and tend to feed heavily on smaller forage fish and even bigger rainbow trout.

Rainbow trout will become more active as the water temperature continues to cool down.

Red Fleet Reservoir

Anglers are encouraged to harvest larger yellow perch to help grow a larger population of fish. Summer surveys show an abundance of yellow perch in the five- to six-inch range and anglers are encouraged to take advantage of them.

Anglers have been actively catching wipers, yellow perch, black crappie and a few walleye from the shoreline and on boats. The evenings are producing tiger trout, brown trout and mountain whitefish near the brush creek stream inlet and in the back of many of the coves. Trout fishing for browns, tigers and a few rainbows should be picking up as the water continues to cool down.a