Over the past couple of years I have read about the Boulder mountains in our magazine and finally had a chance to experience the area first hand in late September.

The scenery was spectacular with the leaves changing color and a beautiful sunny day. The adventurous and arduous Jeep ride up the dirt road only added to the excitement.

The fishing started out quite slow with small but fighting brook trout — I expected to catch more of the same throughout the day. After about an hour I moved to another section of the lake I was fishing from and was dragging my lure across the bottom when I felt what was most certainly a bigger fish. As it jumped out of the water my heart jumped with the fish as there was the largest brook trout I had had the pleasure of tangling with. After bringing the fish in, my wife was a witness as I measured it at 16 inches, and can only guess that it weighed over two pounds.

The enclosed photos show this beauty with its brilliant red coloring. I hope the other readers of this magazine who have been tempted to try out the Boulders have as successful and wonderful a day as I did. It was certainly one that will go down as a fishing memory that I will not forget.

- Chris Anderson, Park City