Navajo Lake Fishing Overview

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Overview:Navajo Lake is a beautiful natural lake in a lush forest on Cedar Mountain. There are very nice campgrounds along the shoreline. A developed ramp allows small boats to launch easily. Fishing boats can be rented at the lake.

Location: Take Hwy 14 from Cedar City south-east for 26 miles. Then turn west on Navajo Lake Road and go 4 miles. Located at a high elevation: 9048 ft
      265 miles from Salt Lake City
      200 miles from Las Vegas

GPS Coordinates:
      N 37° 31.33'
      W 112° 45.48'

Size: 618 acres.
Average Depth: Up to 15 feet.

Primary Fish Species: Rainbow and brook trout, splake.

Special Regulations:
General statewide regulations apply here.

Seasonal Factors: Had problems with winterkill in past years, but new management and facilities now allow it to overwinter fish. Action can be good summer and winter. Deep snow and thick ice make the lake accessible only by snowmobiles in the winter.

Fishing Tips: Standard trout baits and small lures work well here.