Walleye fishermen are becoming frustrated at Starvation because they keep catching big brown trout.

There are plenty of walleye in the reservoir to be caught, but browns have also become plentiful in recent years and are aggressively taking lures thrown at the walleye. That wouldn't be a problem for most people — many anglers are happy to just catch a fish. Period. But walleye enthusiasts go to Starvation to catch big walleye, and some consider the browns a pain.

Regardless of your preference, Starvation offers good spring fishing, and should continue to do so until the weather turns hot.

In May smallmouth bass start biting well at Starvation, compounding the problem. But most walleye fishermen don't mind catching a bass now and then. Bass are respectable. It's those stupid trout they want to avoid.

The problem is, walleye tactics are very effective for trout. Cast a jig or crank bait or worm into the shallows near shore and you could catch anything.

You may tie into a browns anywhere in the reservoir, but Salertus Wash, Rabbit Gulch and the small gulch next to the bridge have been particularly good.

Water flows off and on in Saleratus Wash, and has created a kind of a delta near the inflow. The delta area can be very productive, especially when water is flowing into the reservoir. The water carries bugs and stuff into the reservoir, and so fish key there when they are hungry.

Saleratus is a good spot to slow troll a worm harness or a Rapala behind a walking sinker. In rocky areas a real or plastic worm rigged Carolina style can be deadly.

If you want to have fun, get out in a float tube and cast wooly buggers on a sinking line, so you can work them along the bottom in water 5-10 feet deep. Fish in the evening and you will will almost certainly catch browns, walleye and smallmouth. There are browns and walleye in the reservoir that can give you a good ride in the tube.

But be careful. Walleye and smallmouth both have spiky fins which can puncture a tube. You really don't want to let a fish pull you 200 yards out into the reservoir and then pop your tube.

Starvation is a great fishery which isn't appreciated by most Utahns. Give it a try.