Strawberry Kokanee ExpoMar

Ron Dunn, president of Strawberry Anglers, provided this info (May 4, 2018):

SAA Members,
Wayne and Sharon discussed kokanee fishing at Strawberry at our Tuesday meeting. They are serious kokanee fishermen who have mastered the subject. Best of all, they are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us! 
The following link leads to their Kokanee at Strawberry power point presentation (converted to pdf).
This excellent information will help us to successfully pursue these landlocked sockeye salmon residing here in Utah.  I also took notes at the meeting. As I compare my notes to the link, I will send anything else in a future email.
I follow a Utah fishing blog that shows some nice fish being caught at Strawberry. Although the water is still cold (in the high 30's), the fishing may be slow now but will improve shortly.  Please add your fishing experiences to our facebook page.
Ronald Dunn
President, SAA