By Larry Tullis

Fishing continues to be very good in Provo Canyon and between Deer Creek and Jordanelle, despite high water. Fishing is difficult above Jordanelle because of high runoff, which is expected to continue through June and into July. With high water, work the river's softer currents and the seams along the rivers banks. Most of the fish will be holding within a foot or two of the bank and many fish will be within inches of the bank.

Nymphing is usually the most productive way to fish the Provo. However, It is always vital to get the nymph down to the fish, and that can be difficult when the water is high and fast.

Blue wings are finished here. The next hatch will be PMD's and Green Drakes. We should start seeing them as runoff eases. Look for the Green Drakes on middle section. It won't be long until gold and brown Stones start to show up in the faster water on both sections.

Sow bugs and San Juan worms are must-have patterns, and stonefly nymphs should be effective now. PMD nymphs (rusty color with yellow thorax), size 16, should also work well over the next few weeks.

Road work continues in some areas, and work is also underway on reconstruction of the Middle Provo River. Some areas may be closed during construction so check with local fly shops for current conditions.

The dike just below Jordanelle Reservoir has been breached and water is flowing through the back channel now. It's exciting to see the restoration work on the middle section begin. Look for tremendous improvements in fishing as this work progresses over the next several years.