"Scat from the wilderness near Springville that was supposed to prove once and for all whether the area is inhabited by wolves or wolf-dog hybrids is from ... coyotes."

That quote comes from this new article about the search for wolves in the mountains east of Springville. But the search is not over, by any means. Wildlife experts who have caught glimpses of animals in a remote area are certain they were not coyotes. They speculate that a group of wolves, or wolf-dog hybrids, live in the area, along with coyotes and other native wildlife. If there are wolves they apparently migrated down from the Yellowstone area.

So the hunt continues.

If hybrids are found they will probably be destroyed. If wolves are found then wildlife officials will evaluate options, which might include capturing and relocating the animals.

The article notes that some members of the public have expressed fear because of the possibility of wolves in the area. The fact that nobody has been able to get a clear view of the animals shows that they are shy and avoid human contact. They pose little danger to people recreating in the area. On the contrary, it is the wolves that are in danger.