The Anasazi culture is generally associated with the Four Corners area — there are concentrations of ruins from the Anasazi civilization in the canyons to the southeast of Monticello, up over Cedar Mesa and the Grand Gulch areas, spilling into Canyonlands and down Glen Canyon. But, surprisingly, there is also a concentration of rock art and ruins in the St. George area.

The impressive Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada, is the best place to get information about the Virgin River Anasazi.

The foundations of an Anasazi village can be seen on a hill a short distance to the south and east of Red Cliffs Recreation Area, located a mile or so above Quail Lake, near the town of Leeds. A marked trail leads from the recreation area to the village.

There is an impressive petroglyph panel on the edge of Snow Canyon, just north of St. George. When driving north from St. George on Highway 18, you pass the Gold Diamond Ranch and associated small subdivision, on the west side of the road. If you continue on up the highway you come to the Winchester Hills community on the east of the road. Both are located just a few miles below the access road which drops down into Snow Canyon.

The rock art is located about half-way between the Gold Diamond Ranch and Winchester Hills, on the west side of the road, in a sandy area on the upper edge of the contorted rocks and rugged canyons of the State Park.

Several new homes are being built in the subdivision by Gold Diamond Ranch. If you drive into the subdivision and park at the end of the road, then start hiking to the northwest, you will approach the rock art pannel. There is often a trail from the subdivision to the panel, but don't depend on it because wind and rain change the complexion of this sandy area on an almost daily basis.

It's about a mile hike to the panel. You'll be walking mostly down hill, but you don't want to drop into the bottom of any canyons. Walk toward the slickrock sandstone structures and look for the scene shown above. You should be able to find it with little difficulty if you do a little exploring. Even if you don't find the panel, this is a fun area to hike.