Backcountry Camping Does and Don'ts

1. Pack out all of your trash and pick up any trash you see lying around. The rule is to leave the area cleaner than when you came. Please don't throw your trash out into the nearest lake!

2. Do not build any new fire pits. There are so many fire pits around the popular lakes that they are becoming an eye-sore. They also tend to collect cans and other garbage. Use existing fire pits and keep them clean and free of unburnable garbage.

3. Do not leave fish guts lying around the banks of the stream or lake. Dig a pit away from the water and bury the guts.

4. Never bring guns into the back country (except during hunting season). Most people go to the back country for peace and solitude. The last thing that they want to hear is your deer rifle echoing across the mountainside.

5. Stay on the existing trails and don't take short cuts. The trails are easily eroded if they are abused. Be especially careful if you are on an ORV. They can really tear up a trail. Only use ORV's in areas where they are permitted.

6. Don't dig a trench around your tent. This practice can really destroy a camp site. Choose the location for your tent carefully and you will not need a trench.

7. Don't chop down live trees or carve your name in them. When gathering firewood look for trees that are already down. Trees still standing, even if they are dead, are a valuable resource for the wildlife and should be left alone.

8. Don't leave monofilament fishing line lying around the stream or lake. Burn any old or damaged line in the fire or pack it out.

9. Don't bring glass into the back country. It is too heavy to pack and it ends up broken and scattered around the camp site. Leave glass containers home!

10. If you must bring pets on your hikes, make sure that they are under control at all times. A leash is a must.

11. Be courteous and respect other hikers right to peace and quiet. Don't be loud or boisterous.

12. Always treat the out-of-doors as a priceless possession.