(Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources provided this information.)

Load up your tackle box and head to Panguitch Lake! The tagged-fish tournament begins July 22 and runs through Sept. 4 (Labor Day). You can win a prize in one of two ways:

• Catch one of 100 tagged rainbow trout. The trout will be 
tagged near their dorsal fin with a red spaghetti tag.
• Catch any fish that’s more than 24 inches long.

If you catch a fish that qualifies, (either a tagged fish or a fish longer than 24 inches), bring it to one of the local businesses listed below.

In addition to receiving a prize, you’ll be placed in a drawing to win a rifle donated by Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife. The drawing happens Sept. 4.

There is no cost to enter the tournament, and all Utah fishing regulations apply. Special regulations are in place at Panguitch Lake. See page 37 of the 2017 Utah Fishing Guidebook for details. The free guidebook is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/guidebooks. More information about fishing at Panguitch Lake is available at http://bit.ly/2t5flC8

To claim your prize and be entered in the drawing to win the rifle, bring your fish to any of these businesses in the Panguitch Lake area:
• Aspen Cove Resort — 225 East North Shore Road
• Bear Paw Resort — 905 South Highway 143
• Blue Springs Lodge — 120 West Highway 143
• Burger Barn — 75 South Highway 143
• Panguitch Lake Adventure Resort — 791 South Lakeshore Dr.
• Panguitch Lake General Store — 53 South Highway 143 
• Rocky Point Boat Dock — 178 E North Shore Road

A special thanks to our partners at Garfield County, the U.S. Forest Service — Dixie National Forest, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, and the businesses near Panguitch Lake.