June sucker recovery program officials are exploring ways to improve habitat for the endangered fish, and are considering removing water from a section of the Provo River just above Utah Lake.


Details of the various proposals have not been released but some information about the dewatering has leaked out. People have found out about that aspect of the proposal and are protesting against any dewatering of the river.



The Provo Herald has this article about he issue. Here's a quote:


Reed Harris of the June sucker recovery program confirmed to the Daily Herald on Wednesday that six options will be presented to the public, and one of those will be shutting down the lower portion of the river. He said he did not know how much of the river would be made dry in the proposal, and he declined to reveal any more information about any of the options, saying officials prefer to reveal the options at the meeting.


But details of the proposal have been leaked, and more than 1,000 people have already signed petitions against the proposal. Organizers said they believe hundreds will show up at the meeting to protest.