Salmon Ruins is a pueblo site constructed by ancestral Puebloan peoples and later San Juan people. It appears construction of the first and second stories began around 1090 AD, and the San Juan people altered the pueblo around the 1100s. People at this site traded with other close pueblo people, such as at Mesa Verde to the north, in what is now southwestern Colorado.


  • See spectacular southwestern architecture, that used large wooden beams, sandstone, and mud; the logs transported as far as 40 miles away

  • Salmon Ruins Museum

  • Private, guided tours that explore Salmon Ruins, Chaco Canyon, Dinetah Pueblitos, and rock art

  • Heritage Park; amphitheater, tipis, hogans, trading post

  • Salmon Family Pioneer Homestead; see the historic house of the family the park is named after

  • Gift shop and bookstore


Salmon Ruins is located near Bloomfield, NM, in the northwestern corner of the state. It is also located close to Farmington, NM, Aztec, NM,  Aztec Ruins National Monument, and Chaco Canyon.