Sand Creek Waterfall
Just north of Torrey, Utah

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This waterfall is a gem - a little-known beauty. It is very photogenic. And you'll almost certainly have it to yourselves - this is a seldom-visited area. You can wade into the spray - it is ice cold and refreshing on a hot summer day. Sadly, there is no swimming hole under the waterfall. The water is just inches deep and the streambed is cobblestone. If it had a swimming hole this would be my favorite waterfall in the world.

From the west side of Torrey, follow the Great Western Trail north, staying on the spur that leads up Sand Creek. As you approach the red sandstone cliffs the spur becomes rough and you'll need four-wheel drive. Rough but drivable tracks take off in many directions but if you follow what appears to be the most-traveled road you'll cross to the east side of the stream and follow it into a canyon. As the canyon narrows you'll cross to the west side; about a mile beyond that crossing you'll come to a track that has been closed to motorized traffic. Hike up that track to the waterfall.

It's about 5 miles from the Hyw 24 turnoff to the track where you park. It seems longer because it is rough and you have to drive slowly.

It's about a mile hike up to the waterfall, which comes off the red-sandstone cliffs you can see in the distance. Follow the trail along the bench on east side of the stream. The trail is just above the stream at times; at other times it meanders a considerable distance to the east. As you approach the top you'll hear the waterfall. Just before you go over the top look for a faint trail that leads to the base of the waterfall. You have to scramble down a steep, rocky hillside to the base.

There are a couple fun campsites against the red cliffs where the four-wheel-drive road follows the stream into the canyon.