I stopped at Maverik in St. George to get a drink - at the convenience store by the river on the south edge of the Black Hill. As I took a sip I noticed what looked like rock art on black boulders halfway up the ridge. I investigated and found many rocks with images carved into them. Several were clustered into "galleries" with a large number of images. Soom looked old, some more recent, some the result of modern grafiti.

The tops of the best panels can be seen from the road, if you look carefully, while walking west from Maverik toward Green Valley. If you drive by in a car it is very hard to see them.

This area used to be on the edge of town but development is now encroaching from every directions. It is probably property that will probably be developed soon. Already boulders have been pushed around in most spots on this ridge. Erosion along the road will soon tumble some art-covered rocks from their foundations. It would be sad if this art is destoryed. In my view, it is some of the most significant in the St. George area and should be protected, and people should be allowed to view it in a responsible manner.